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Two stellar, regular visitors to Boston, and through the Hassle turnstyle TONIGHT! It’s impossible for you to think about missing this, illogical, not right minded! Always amazing…

Ian Svenonius needs no introduction. He’s been in more cool bands, and written more weird rock n’ roll voodoo books than you or I, or most of the people we know, could ever hope to dream of being in/ writing. The man has forgotten more about rock n’ roll than Brian Wilson, Keith Richards, and Elvis (he’s alive) COMBINED (and let’s just say that they’ve forgotten A LOT). CHAIN AND THE GANG is his thing now, and if you want to have fun with some rock n roll, then you can’t do much better, anywhere. Taking over for Katie Alice Greer (now focused on Priests and running DC label Sister Polygon) is yin to Svenonius’ yang (or something) Anna Nasty (mem. NEONATES, OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN), trading off vocal duties with him, and together riling up crowds like crazy. Visiting from DC.

ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT comes to us from Baltimore where this duo began pounding out the minimal punk cries and call to arms that they have become very well known for near and far. Ed Schrader himself is the mouthpiece of this unit and he is a truth teller, a soothsayer, and above all else a punk scourge which has been unleashed upon the dullards, drags, and unmotivated of our nation and species. If your tank is empty, consider this a filling station. Know their songs. Sing along. Lose yourself (they really can help you do that).

Locals LOS GREYS bring a distinct psyched-out twisted pop vibe, setting the tone. All this ALL AGES @ LILYPAD for our monthly HASSLE NIGHT, every first Saturday!!!!

10pm // ALL AGES // $5-10 Sliding Scale // FB

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