With Question 4 seeming very likely to receive unanimous approval in Massachusetts this November, Rhode Island’s GYMSHORTS have wisely created the perfect weed smoking anthem with the song “Do You Wanna” (sample lyrics: “Hey do you wanna smoke some marijuana with me? ‘Cause I really wanna smoke some marijuana with you.”) Granted that song is pretty on the nose, subject matter wise, but the other three songs on their Wet Willy EP also work perfectly (or so I’ve been told) for sparking a doob while you chillax or whatever the hell kids call it these days. As someone staring down the barrel of 40 who is more likely to cop weed from a Walgreens for joint pain than from some bearded guy on a bike to party with, I can still appreciate GYMSHORTS’ lo-fi brand of hazy, 60’s-pop surf-rock. Like if THE SONICS just took it easy early one morning. But don’t let the sloppy, stoner vibe fool you, GYMSHORTS can play and sing like motherf’ers! There’s a reason they’ve been making national inroads over these past few years. Buy the Wet Willy EP on cassette from Burger Records so the killer cover art is a little bigger and because the cops will never look for your stash in a cassette case in 2016. Trust me, I’m an adult.

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