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Future Spa is the title of a 1979 pinball machine manufactured by Bally, notable for being their first machine to feature continuous background noise during play. This cutting edge ambiance consisted of your standard arsenal of early arcade era blips, bloops, and pew pew laser cries. Future Spa also happens to be the name of a Somerville based garage punk group, notable for their abrupt songs that tend to resemble amphetamine fever dreams. This Future Spa may not be the first of their kind, nor their namesake, but their brand of continuous background noise is sure to leave a much stronger impression on you than the pinball sci-fi fodder from 35 years ago.

ZZZZZ is essentially the cassette release of 2013’s My Aunt Brian, with a few track list alterations, courtesy of local label La Parca. Ripping through 8 tracks in roughly 15 minutes, the bulk of this album clocks in well over the speed limit and well below common fidelity standards. Laden with fuzz fucked pounders like “My Aunt Brian”, “Knowage”, and “Turn on the Action”, ZZZZZ regularly evokes the sensation of recklessly careening down a straightaway on a bike without brakes, the peripheral too blurry to decipher, the headrush too heavy to form forethought. The largest outlier comes in the form of “Sonic Youth”, an appropriately titled instrumental that harbors a surprisingly spry guitar hook and would fit right at home as a Goo demo.

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