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Pop music is at its best when it is both a flawless display of powerful spirit and an obvious, effortlessly fun time while doing so. The Violence (musical project by Gia Jordan) accomplishes this in spades throughout her music video for “STUFF”. This new single is out on Colossal Squid Records, produced by Miles Maxwell (AKA GGGAMESSS) and the video was shot by Wil Adamy and edited again by Maxwell. The beat on “STUFF” is infectious, and Gia kills the performance in so many ways, taking some tongue and cheek jabs at materialism while just radiating fabulous energy and power. This video is so much fun because there are just so many IDEAS, the creativity overflows out of this cup with inspiring vigor.

The video takes us on a power trip around NYC, as Gia bridles with energy abundance and rocks our core with a beat that blows us back but then gives us that look over the shoulder that says “really, that is all it took?”. It is this tension between the relaxed and the powerful that creates a sort of laid back strength that makes this track so amazing and catchy. She pounces throughout the city, surrounded by trash bags that represent capitalism and all the things that will soon leave us.
The Violence is a multifaceted performer, putting out tracks, releasing short clips on her instagram of political songs on an acoustic guitar, and generally taking over the world. Check out the video below and give a follow!

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