FRESH VID: Primal Feelings – Welcome to the Sun

New from our friends Primal Feelings


As the newest addition to Primal Feeling’s mesmerizing catalogue, ‘Welcome To The Sun’ continues to embody the band’s bubbly techno-chill feeling. Introducing us to some incredible animation done by Daniel Barreto and Paula Palomar, it leans the listener in with a steady beat and rushes us into newfound colorful interpretations of humanity. This is one you’ll have to watch over and over again because just one blink will make you feel like you’ve missed meaningful seconds of this illuminated landscape. Existing in a fast-paced cacophony of colorful jello, the video anthropomorphizes people as interactive art. The beat grows alongside Primal Feeling’s other-worldly voices until you reach the final mantra and all lets loose. Color stretches dimensions and pushes you into expressions of endless evolution and change.

The video mixes scenes of our earthly inhabitants and forces us to stare at the environment molded in front of us. During the stare-worthy buzz of a chorus, Barreto and Palomar really push the barriers of the color spectrum with an endless reel of humans living inside of this piece of art. Playing with a frame that zooms in and out and back in again, Primal shows us the infinite colors of life itself through everyday interactions. Welcome To The Sun is an incredible earbug with an equally electrifying video to accompany its bright energy; a technicolor journey you won’t regret embarking on.

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