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FRESH VID: Max Kennedy ft. Ben Crowell – On That Great Selection Day


Boston-based musician Max Kennedy recently put out a video to accompany his new title track, “On That Great Selection Day.”  It’s a soothing song that takes on the subject of existential dread, and it’s accompanied by a hypnotizing video animated by Ben Crowell.  The song features Kennedy’s poignant lyricism, soft vocals, and instrumental skill as he speaks to a universal feeling of being lost in the world. The stream-of-consciousness layout of the animation serves to enhance the track’s emotional themes. 


Crowell’s imagery evoke a sense of discomfort that one feels after a fever dream. Vivid sketches of sea monsters and nude bodies are offered over city backdrops and lush landscapes, all at a rapid pace that feels almost manic. It’s a frenzied animation that mimics the energy of fast-moving thoughts.  


The experience of the music video altogether is both dreamy and distressing, encapsulating the paralysis of contemplating themes of where to go in life, and if where we are moving is the right direction. For those seeking a new song to play on a pensive, rainy day, this one is worth a listen. 

Kennedy’s album On That Great Selection Day is available to stream on Spotify.

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