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FRESH VID: Jahiliyya Fields


Mind on fire. JAHILIYYA FIELDS shows up on my radar and I feel as if I’ve been anticipating them/it/he/she coming for quite some time. Brooklyn based and simply a cosmic electronic wonder, I love all that I have so far heard from their new record called UNICURSAL HEXAGRAM. Rhythmic, and hypnotic and full of awesome sounds. In the same section of the supermarket as Black Dice and Blues Control I think. If this music were a swimming hole, I would take another dip. The vid below is for the tune “Waterbreaker” off the new record. Stuttering synth stabs start in from the get go, seeming as if struggling against the beat, holding it back as best it can. But the beat always wins(when it’s around) and somewhere around the 1 minute mark here it finally begins to really break free. Loving the visuals that accompany this jam as well. Video and tune working hand in hand creating a serious otherworldly environs which I implore you to check out ASAP. UNICURSAL HEXAGRAM is a double LP!, and is out now on LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS.

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