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I found this song the other day when it was posted to a nerdy BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE online group that I follow…This band, well, specifically leader/mastermind/czar Anton Newcombe, will always be endlessly prolific. “Demo Number Nine” is solid, classic Newcombe, he proves again that a few well thought out chords are all you need for the foundation of a song, and when those chords are played in an enervated yet subconsciously calculated way it becomes kind of magical…Simplicity in the hands of a master. Ghostly backing vocals add an interesting backdrop to lyrics that are sung in a way that reminds me of Bleecker & MacDougal era Fred Neil for some reason. Somber guitar lines bend and snake throughout this song effortlessly, an element that finds a way into most BJM songs but there is something so incredibly on point with what he’s playing on this one. (I’m assuming Newcombe played all of the guitar on this, although I can’t know for sure being that it’s just an unnamed demo) I recommend listening to this song ten times in a row with your eyes closed in a dark room.

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