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wild child
Wild Child hail from Minneapolis and play the best kind of distopian/unwieldy hardcore you could hope for. Fashionable Idiots have just released a slew of psycho ‘core, and this is a re-issue of Wild Child’s stunning 2012 demo. It’s the nature of this kind of music to really lay back on the styles and methods of days-gone-by, and Wild Child err on that side, to be sure. But, what they don’t do is make any apologies for the fact that they may very well indeed be axe weilding, rabid, bloodthirsty maniacs. They keep it weird here, people- like avert your eyes in the subway weird. It’s the best parts of early BHC ala Jerry’s Kids, but with the unhinged thousand yard stare/ i-don’t-give-two-fucks-to-the-moon attitude of United Mutation, definitely some MDC. No self-respecting HC band of late is gonna re-invent the creepy crawl, but when they deliver a side of spitting, epileptic lunacy like this, it feels as fresh as ever.

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