PROLETARIAT – “The Murder of Alton Sterling”

New England hardcore/post-punk legends return with their first new material since 1985


Police the police“- The Proletariat

The Proletariat made significant strides during the Reagan Era in the fields of smashing ears and upgrading the record collections of the fortunate ones who caught onto them before they disbanded in 1985. Now, after a 33 year absence from the new-release rack, the New England hardcore/post-punk legends (and This Is Boston, Not L.A. comp vets) have returned with a new single, “The Murder of Alton Sterling“, which comes out on Bridge Nine Records May 18 in both 7″ and digital formats. A lyric video for “The Murder of Alton Sterling” was also released on April 20, which improves on the format by incorporating facts about the tragic event between the song’s lines, and a photo montage depicting the public outrage that followed this state-shielded slaughter.

At a 1:47, the A-side runs through its case against the murderers with the direct, unforgiving delivery demanded by old fans, and a relevance to the current/ongoing climate of festering injustice that will resonate with newcomers. It should be acknowledged that, though ending decades-long recording gaps has become almost a rite of passage for bands over a certain age, it is exceedingly rare for these new chapters to meet the quality standard originally set by the artists in their prime. The Proletariat‘s new single may just be one of those few exceptions, with vocals kept in the furious zone, the mess that is the world kept in the front of your mind, and a punk backbeat tornado that will come and go before you can sink a can of Cel-Ray.


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