I’ve been jamming out to this rocket of a 7″ since it first came out on Nervous Nelly, and let me tell you: it doesn’t get old. This is boppy, poppy, groovy-as-hell punk that truly satisfies. “Unglued” hooks you mercilessly with its catchy guitar riffs and pulls you through the song with that driving, crashing beat. The trio pumps the same energy into “Vicky’s Song” and does the classic Parasol “split” – warm, heartbreaking lyrics over major-key licks that make you yield to a sad, ear-to-ear smile. And “Tide” picks up that trick and takes it to the next level; the curling, bleeding guitar loops, the light-handed drumbeat, and the root-led bassline all create the melancholy sensation of driving through Ipswich or Gloucester at the peak of fall (“New growth grows old” definitely echoes that feeling). If you haven’t gotten this 7″ yet, your collection is missing something, and you gotta rectify the situation – grab this dreamy release and spin it til the grooves don’t speak.

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