It has become as fashionable to write of the heightened state of inactivity of the very idle and bored as it has to celebrate the rarefied airs of today’s Zima-fueled, Zuma-haunted Fostex 4-track masterpiece creators. So that the younger crowd will not have to resort to the typically indecipherable Tascam instructional manuals themselves one day , may the reader allow a unverified narrative to illustrate how Metal Feathers, like that of a Fat Creepsy Quilt of MMOSS, occupy the totality of their realm. Once I saw a pair of suede shoes enter the lounge, collapsing under the weight of their own pretense. They told me they had once been past my house en route to Three Mile Island. “Why didn’t you stop in?” I asked in a stereotyped social response. “What for?” with devastating bluntness was the answer. I couldn’t agree more. “I was really overdoing the boogie-woogie and really wasn’t able to do much of consequence with ballads,” intoned Jay in a recent telephone interview from the road while on tour. “I’m going to call myself on the phone one day,” Jay continues, “and tell myself to shut up.” Disproving the the Rounder folk-saying, “I’ve worked and slaved for years to keep this place a sewer,” the cante hondo on the album is ”I hold her up”…the melody of the hook so strong, the softer they play it the stronger it gets. Teenarena records. (ED.- METAL FEATHERS are a great band from Portland, ME, but they haven’t made any of the tracks from their new record HANDFUL OF FOG available digitally (below you’ll find an older vid). Gotta get the record I guess.)
– Papa Driftwood

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