Tight bros. FAT HISTORY MONTH embark shortly on a lengthy tour of these United States (w/ other tight bros. PILE) and it seems a proper time to finally float the one track they’ve let loose from their upcoming record BAD HISTORY MONTH across the Hassle screen. I’ve always loved the guitar playing in this band, and here on the song “Bad History Month” it is melodic at moments and noisy at others, perfectly working with the also great drumming to coax many moods out its short three minutes. The loping main theme, conjurs an indie rock take on a cowboy theme, of course never getting too close to that idea. The roller coaster ride that this duo takes you on with their songs is a strange one, certainly with recognizable hills and shapes, but misshapen by all popular accounts. Very thrilling though, and that is all that truly matters. These two have their head in the game and from what I can tell from this one track so far, their best record yet in their back pocket. Good luck on tour gentlemen. BAD HISTORY MONTH is out very soon on SOPHOMORE LOUNGE and EXPLODING IN SOUND RECORDS.

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