FRIENDSHIP TAPES is a new Boston label being run by experimental and brutal sax player Andy Allen (formerly of Guerilla Toss). Allen’s music is forever challenging taking its cues from the wildest of the free jazz heads out there. His focus is not solely honed in on jazz however, as he allows myriad experimental approaches to exist within his music making framework including straight up noise, tape loops, and electronic fuckery. I happen to know that he also loves CREED. The label’s latest output comes from a duo of Allen himself and Mark Johnson (Bang Bros, Hunnie Bunnies, ETC.) called BUSHWHACKED. The tape is called WEED GIRLFRIEND and from what I’ve heard of it the sax attack is scaled back here a bit, coming and going but serving more as a part of the dense aural mix that these two noise demons have conjured. Bent samples provide a bed for dubbed wood wind skree at times battling against, at times joining forces with a knob twiddling attack. Electronic percussion is used as well to keep the peace amidst the ambient fog that these acoustic and analog men wander through. A couple clips exist below for you. Two of Boston’s better improvisers have created a sweet batch of new weird sounds for you. You. You. It’s all about you.

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