Dedicated sonic psychonauts ARKM FOAM and Hunnie Bunnie’s Mark Johnson have for several years now poured their inexhaustible creative energies into exploring the intersection between broken rythmes, harsh noise and found sound collage in the open laboratory of live improvisation. With their latest project BANG! BROS we find the pair attacking old, decrepit and often broken drum machines with a fierce energy and intense focus to summon forth colossal beats charged with crushing noisey rhythms that pummel ears and liquify brains . With a singular improvisational approach that alternates between the serene and the ecstatic, BANG! BROS have struck gold with a sound and energy that is novel and infinitely compelling. By completely bucking the current trend in contemporary electronic ‘beat’ music, BANG! BROS largely forgoe subtley and depth in their sound production, preferring instead to use a bare-bones and highly limited sound palette to communicate convoluted and highly combustable energies with a raw serrated edge of pure emotion. But don’t be mistaken: this isn’t simply some cerebral diddling of insulated artists, because live these thud ruckers bring the dance party with rauckous crashing beats amplified a thousand-fold by amphetamines for a visceral, rapturous, head-thrashing good time. They currently have a CD of their first four volumes available for purchase at Weirdo Records and their frequent live shows, and look out for future tape releases from these prolific forward beatsmiths.

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