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Free Pizza Spreads the Sass


A notable absence was felt in Boston music last December when BUFU bad boys Free Pizza moved south to Miami before their rock pilgrimage to Berlin, Germany. But now these friendly ‘n’ fun punks are back touring the US and playing our very own Hassle Fest 7!! Before they come back to share their happy, positive, and easily applicable art-punk, they’ve talked to us about their new member, what’s up next, and spreading the sass.

Boston Hassle: First off, how has it been in Berlin? Have you been able to spread the shred?

Free Pizza: Our time in Berlin was an incredible period of personal growth and fun times. We played a handful of sick shows and made a lot of new friends. We actually focused more on spreading the sass. We’re leaving the shred for Ben to spread when he makes it to Europe. :•)

BH: What is the music scene in Berlin like?

FP: It was good. Seriously, there is a strong electronic/club scene there, lots of people from that community were very open to us. Also we met Canadians and New Zealanders (Kiwis) and Australians.

Our first show in Berlin was at this huge apartment building that was all artist studios, it was like a giant eight-story building version of the Whitehaus. It was called the Green House. :~>

BH: Is there a new member of Free Pizza?

FP: No. JK. Yea! Rory from Designer (R.I.P) also plays in a sassy band called The Christ 4. Rory is a Gemini, just like our previous drummer, bad boi Nick Rasmussen. Nick joined our sister band, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser, another Aries-Gemini-Gemini power trio. Rory is a sassy little boy, he wears a diaper jk. ;^}

BH: Is there anything in particular you miss about Boston?

FP: A list of Boston things we miss in no particular order:

1. Same Old Place

2. Arboretum

3. Countless amazing inspiring bands + shows

4. Blizzards

5. Boomerangs

6. Twin Donuts

7. Twin Donuts

8. All our friends

9. T. Charlie Card.

10. All the parks.

11. Chilling on the porch.

12. (see lyrics to Boston, MA)


BH: Where would you say most of the inspiration from Free Pizza’s music comes from?

FP: Joy, kissing, reflection/introspection, sadness, good pants, QTs (romance), Spongebob, anxiety, the road, high fives, Metronome, Baby Sinclair, novelty. :•{>

BH: Is there a certain feeling or message you are trying to convey through your music?

FP: We actually never think about a message when we are writing our music, we write the songs for the songs. What is important to us with this band is to create an open and welcoming environment for people to enjoy together. :~}

BH: Who are some of your rock idols?

FP: Free Pizza’s Rok Idols: Ramones, Grateful Dead, Enya, Everything on Flying Nun, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Elvis, Scritti Politti, Peach Kelli Pop, Beat Happening, Prince, Dolly Parton, the Raincoats, Led Zeppelin, Ben Katzman. :^]

BH: What are you most excited about for Free Pizza’s future post-Berlin?

FP: Recording, touring, making more friends + meeting new crushes! 🙂

BH: Can a Free Pizza release be expected in the near future?

FP: Expect a 12″ of something new recorded in Berlin, out on BUFU Records, Spring 2016 ;•)

Catch Free Pizza’s return to Boston at Hassle Fest 7 on November 5th @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge!!

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