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This is a button for Pete and Shorty’s bar and grill in Clearwater Florida. It advertises itself as an “Iowa Style” tavern and you can interpret that however you want. I bought this at a flea market in Florida because I’m a compulsive button collector, I liked the design, and I was curious what this is referring to. Some light internet research revealed that the peeking in question refers to a bathroom gag. In the restrooms there are pictures of nude people with a fig leaf shaped board covering the “bathing suite area”. When lifted to take a peek, a buzzer goes off in the entire restaurant letting everyone know that you are a filthy sex pervert. I’m not sure if these buttons are for sale or if they are a consolation prize for being publicly shamed but either way, here it is. I’ve never been there so I didn’t peek but given the opportunity, I think most of us would.
2.25” – clasp back- ?
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Dan Wars is a New England original, eccentric, and punk living in Providence, Rhode Island. He plays in the band Funeral Cone. Subscribe to FINGER ON THE BUTTON on Instagram!
“This is my pinback button collection. I like punk and I like Sham. I believe in records, dancing, and eating as soon as possible.”

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