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These are buttons I made for the first 25 people in the door @ the Columbus Theatre’s (in Providence) very recent screening of the so bad it’s good 80s horror film Slugs! The thing about living in Boston that I might miss the most is the movie theaters. The Coolidge, Brattle, Harvard Film Archive, and Somerville all show great weird old movies, new films that the megaplexs won’t show, and neat film series. I regularly haunted the midnight movies at the Coolidge. The Columbus is a beautiful old theater that focuses more on live performances but shows movies on the occasion. My band Funeral Cone has played there a couple times and it’s was cool. Thankfully I discovered Dreadphile Cinema Club which does almost monthly horror movies at The Columbus. There’s pre movie programming, giveaways, and always a fucked up movie that scratches my itch for drinking beer in a theater while watching something besides the regular blockbuster garbage. They showed The Stuff last month right before Larry Cohen died. I’ll be there tomorrow night in the front row!
1.25 – clasp back- 2019
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Dan Wars is a New England original, eccentric, and punk living in Providence, Rhode Island. He plays in the band Funeral Cone. Subscribe to FINGER ON THE BUTTON on Instagram!
“This is my pinback button collection. I like punk and I like Sham. I believe in records, dancing, and eating as soon as possible.”

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