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Promo pinback for the Boston / Worcester mainstream rock station WAAF. To be honest, this station kind of sucks. They play the worst mix of moldy old classic rock and newer radio friendly pigshit. It’s been a New England fixture forever and is best known for being the original home for garbage shock jock radio hosts Opie and Anthony. They’ve had the same logo for as long as I can remember- the oldest example I could quickly find online is from a 1981 promotional item with the band Rush. Bumper stickers with this logo or it’s many variations are a common sight in New England. The actual age of this particular pin is questionable, I have no idea how many were made or for how many years. I see these constantly in collections and at flea markets in the area, so they must have made a massive amount to be given away. If you live in the Boston area, I’d personally recommend you check out 740AM- W JIB The Memories Station. Much better than WAAF.
1” – clasp back- ?
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Dan Wars is a New England original, eccentric, and punk living in Providence, Rhode Island. He plays in the band Funeral Cone. Subscribe to FINGER ON THE BUTTON on Instagram!
“This is my pinback button collection. I like punk and I like Sham. I believe in records, dancing, and eating as soon as possible.”

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