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I went to the photocopy shop last week to make buttons for Cory Bell’s birthday and also knocked out this super obnoxious and dumb pin design while I was there. This is purposefully antagonist but it’s true, I do think that first Clash record is the only one that matters from the band that self described themselves as “the only band that matters”. It’s also true that my favorite Clash song is Deny, which was left off the US release. It’s my opinion, which is as valid as anyone else’s, even if I have pretty questionable taste sometimes. This is coming from a guy that really likes The Police Academy film series, Circus Peanuts candy, and holds the Dr. Demento’s All Time Greatest Novelty Songs Collection as a cultural high water mark.
1.25” – clasp back- 2019
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Dan Wars is a New England original, eccentric, and punk living in Providence, Rhode Island. He plays in the band Funeral Cone. Subscribe to FINGER ON THE BUTTON on Instagram!
“This is my pinback button collection. I like punk and I like Sham. I believe in records, dancing, and eating as soon as possible.”

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