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As he slips away from the world wide web forever(?)/ until it changes for the better(?)/ I dunno(?), OSR TAPES main man ZACH PHILLIPS, long time BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE-er, and currently one half of CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL, leaves us with a bit of his feelings in regard to 2014. Doing it for the right reasons and straight outta VT (currently Brooklyn), see you IRL Zach. – Dan Shea

Every year is a great one for music because the true spirit of music does not and cannot bend to the times . if you’re listening to the music of the times , you’re listening more to the (economic relations of the) times than you are to the music . I think anyone who really digs hard into music (you have to play) knows this : we’ll always find out later , even about our own shit . unless , of course , you’ve been had …

As for the “art part” of all our relations with sound-artifacts of whatever type : real art is just the revolution , right ?

I keep noticing how in 2014 I was paid more for conducting a few interviews at the behest of a conflict-of-interest content farm than some of the veteran musicians I count as friends have made from 20 or 30 years of playing …

And for sure , I have no shortage of claims to make . but I am concerned content doesn’t often survive its context so now I have to carve my forum anew , see you !

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