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Erika Nesse – Inside Glass Gardens


I first became acquainted with electronic music through Dr. Francis Von Morgenvelt. It was a very long time ago and a friend of his was working on creating a machine that could replicate the sound of the human voice for use on EMI recordings. When Paul McCartney died people in the business freaked out and began throwing money at the problem; a lot of great research received funding as a result.

I knew nothing about this situation at the time, of course, although I listened intently as various “new sounds” were demonstrated by the large box in the corner of the room. The technology was not advanced enough to replicate voices, though they tried and the results were absolutely horrifying, but what they were able to create were incredibly intricate rhythmic patterns and impossible harmonic drones. Incredibly beautiful, hypnotic, patterns very similar to what can be heard in this recording.

Von Morgenvelt constructed a machine of his own, the Soliton, which caused more problems for him than I would care to discuss. He had a theory about altering brainwaves in such a way that an individual’s personality could be programmed and manipulated at will. His purposes were therapeutic in nature, but once the principles were understood certain people took these ideas and perverted them. We would hear these corrupt tones in popular songs and on the radio and it frightened us, understanding the implications.

The tones in this recording so closely resemble the original intentions of the good doctor that I feel it is necessary to share them with you, dear reader. Erika Nesse is a saint and we are all blessed to receive this gift from her; and her invention.

A demonstration will be held August 8th at Cafe Fixe.

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