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Erica Eso — 2019


If Cloud Becomes Your Hand is avant synth rock, then Erica Eso is avant synth pop. From the mind of CBYH composer and synther, Weston Minissali, comes Erica Eso. Erica Eso is not an alter-ego, it is an explorative Brooklyn-based pop group. Along with Minissali is Rhonda Lowry, Nathaniel Morgan, and Ellen O’Meara on drums, bass, and synth respectively. They’ve combined their transcendent musical affections to bring you some of the freshest and most exciting pop I have heard in a long time on their debut album, 2019.

It reminds me of when I used to listen to Passion Pit in high school, but it is much better than that. Erica Eso features many elements modern pop but you can still feel the effects of CBYH. It is very clean dance music, with existential themes, no unnecessary sounds, and a calm pace. It has an electronic R&B vibe. Autotune is used on the already very high pitched vocals to keep up with the synths, and it’s the most tasteful use of autotune that I have ever heard. The album has a futuristic aura, hence the title, the way they explore distorted sound waves and tone and the impeccable production value.

I’m obsessed with the lead single, “One Hundred Years.” It’s a smooth electropop song that is both hopeful and earnest as it features lyrics like “I get down when I look at the stars, Because for all I know, That’s where you are.” The steady drums beats has a nice thump and stays true throughout the whole album to give it a very strong sense of rhythm. The most prominent feature of Erica Eso is their use of synthesizes. Minissali is able to achieve amazing harmonies with the synths and every instrument. 2019 draws attention with its pop melodies that sound strong but fragile, like glass. 2019 is available now on Ramp Local Records. And I also highly recommend that you check out the highly interactive

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