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Eric Baylies’ Favorite Boston and Providence Bands of 2015


Dan hates top ten lists so let us now pretend to be something that we are not, but of course not in a literal manner, that would be silly; who among us would care to do such a thing? Favorite Boston and Providence bands by Eric Baylies (Minibeast, Bad Motherfucker, Baylies Band, author of Heroin’s Rainbow)

1. E; Thalia Zadek and members of Karate and Neptune make some music that rocks and experiments.
2. Fable Grazer; Improv that is not quite jazz, rock, or noise, or anything really, but is everything all at once, but kind of not, but in really good way. You know what I’m talking about.

3. Soaps; Spazzcore soundtracks to self created cartoons. The live show is kind of like a live concept album.

4. Downtown Boys; everybody knows.

5. Pyramid; If you listen through the all seeing eye and look through your ears you will hear the wind cry Pyramid.

6. Sunburned Hand Of The Man; I’m not sure if they are playing that much now, but they are in my hall of fame. Literally. It’s in your backyard.

7. Cottaging; Music for people that love music that sounds like this.

8. Oceans Of The Moon; Krautrock for lovers.
9. Guerrilla Toss; Controlled chaos at its very finest.

10. Picnic Lunch; Skronky doodle doo.

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