Emerald Comets — Transformations EP


On their self-released February 2015 EP Transformations, the Emerald Comets hang loose in a euphoric, psychedelic wonderland. The band, acting as a experimental vehicle for lead singer/fuzz guitarist Reuben Bettsak, from Guillermo Sexo , creates music you can work to. These soundscapes allow the mind to empty, unravel, focus, and refill again. Productivity buzzes sweet in the consistent beating of a deadpan drum and Bettsak’s daydream lyrics. Drowsily pronounced, the lyrics glide on through and don’t really matter as much as the sounds being produced; in fact, if the vocals were altogether removed this music could be considered downright meditative. Getting lost in this haze is a good thing.

The third of just four tracks, “Inside Dream Room,” is a long one, clocking in at over five minutes. A journey, Bettsak is your tour guide through an alt-rock Nirvana, urging listeners to feel “alright, dream . . .” Perhaps a simple request at face value, but with a determined drum solo toward the end of the song and heavy on the reverberation, it becomes more of a demand. The Emerald Comets, composed of other local bands like Future Carnivores and Wrong Shapes, are masters of their aesthetic, noting the Velvet Underground as one of their influences. Although not a carbon copy, you can definitely notice a kinship.

Transformations was recorded and mixed by Ryan Lee Crosby, who also plays keyboard and additional guitar on the EP, in his home on an eight-track. If you listen to his work, you may be able to feel that influence. The EP can be found exclusively on their Bandcamp at a “name your own price” price. Suffice it to say it’s more than a great deal.


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