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The tables have turned at this damn fine show at Church tonight. Instead of an audience filling the room to dissect and judge the performers, some of the meanest beasts of the “scene” will be the prod and the audience must behave to their liking. In fact, no one will be safe from ridicule at this one. The “bands” will mock each other, the organizers, the establishment, the employees of the establishment and even innocent bystanders. Be warned. ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT is the worst of them all – this Baltimore/Providence duo conjures up songs that are instant classics, with concepts that will torture you all day long, while you’re at work or spending time with a loved one. (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS are a bad bunch too, making a mountain out of a molehill with only rudimentary rock and roll instrumentation. GONDOLIERS will be kicking it off, dressed to the nines to frighten and bewilder you. And we are not even supposed to be telling you about SKIMASK so let’s leave it at that. You could call it a noise rock show but I wouldn’t dare, just go and enjoy yourself and don’t you take no shit from no body. And all presented by yours truly and Illegally Blind. Now how about them apples?

9pm // 21+ // $10

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