Easter — We Have Such Straight Teeth


Released in May 2014, Easter’s We Have Such Straight Teeth is a gem hidden beneath the stacks of releases from Boston-based bands. Spearheaded by Boston Hassle contributor Emmett McCleary, Easter is a coffeehouse poet’s dream. McCleary’s catchy yet introspective lyrics are sung with such warmth that you may forget how pained they actually are. It’s indie pop in its purest form, resonating from the depths of dreary basements and into a mixtape near you.

“Letters Come Between,” the seventh of the eight-track album, is particularly poignant as McCleary sings, “What’s it worth to even try / All I do is make you cry.” Whispering sweet nothings in the listener’s ear, it’s a goodbye. A lush guitar invites listeners to sway back and forth while silently crying. It’s cathartic though, and you’ll get over it eventually (i.e., the emotion, not the song). As a Millennial, McCleary’s interactions with humans have probably been helped/hindered by technology. Connecting with people is a vast and varied thing, as can be heard in the lyrics “Sitting here, alone again . . . staring at this old machine / All these letters come between.” Fingers at the ready, can what needs to be said really be said? Whether they be the letters on a computer keyboard or strummed along the strings of a guitar, a love is lost but not forgotten. It was fun while it lasted.

Easter’s digital album is available on Bandcamp at a remarkable “name your own” price. Download yours today and help support local music.

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