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Destination Known: The Listener’s Guide to Anjimile’s “Reunion”


Anjimile’s second EP, Reunion, dropped May 7th and to say it is an evolution from their first EP “Giver Taker” is an understatement. As the name suggests, Reunion is a coming together, a sense of resolution from the grief portrayed in “Giver Taker” through love, healing, and self-acceptance. The smooth vocals and delicate string accompaniment, hallmarks of Anjimile’s sound, capture the universality of struggle in the human experience and are elevated to match the complexity of this journey.

The three-track EP, featuring guests Jay Som, SASAMI, and Lomelda, eloquently describes the process of personal recognition, ownership, and empowerment through its progression of song. The first track, “In Your Eyes,” creates this through a delicate orchestral composition overlaid by steadfast vocals, creating layers of complexity and introspection that usher in our own vulnerabilities to reconcile the dichotomies that haunt us. This depth articulates the conflict between the losses felt with the resolution of declaring who we are despite what others want us to be.

Followed by “Maker,” the lyrics—a seemingly direct dialogue between one who has staked claim in their niche and the lost who buckle under societal expectations—ride in through bare bones vocals and acoustic accompaniment. The power of this affirmation is in juxtaposition to a delicate opening that evolves and intensifies as drums command the building of orchestral layers.

Similarly, “1978” perfectly emulates the ebbs and flows of spiritual connection through the evolution of sound. Based on Anjimile’s kinship with their late grandmother, this track depicts a love unbound by laws of the natural world. As listeners, we are invited to join this connection and reflect on our own familial bonds that transcend the perceived finality of worldly limitations such as death.

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