Daikon Radish – will it nvr go away​/​/​it can wait


space pop. tin foil dome music. planetarium jams. these 2 songs by Daikon Radish are the psychedelic – bedroom – folk tracks you should seek out today – for vocals as soft as bedsheets and warm gelatin guitars that cycle forever. these songs feel comfy enough to sit in for awhile. no great secret or understanding here – just very physical, natural sounding pop music.

instrumentally, there’s a definite focus on guitar and voice as the main songwriting tools and a real knack for including trippy, wiggling things to fill it out. in ‘nvr will it go away’ there’s this sound – a bit like a blown speaker. it’s a wall of guitar fuzz that’s choked up and yet also breathes with you. ‘it can wait’ features the kind of tangled playing and reverberating choral vocals that may noticeably lower your heart rate. these tracks are like candy or cake. these tracks are warm and nostalgic as a lit fireplace. enjoy.

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