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Curse Purse — “Message CP”


All players in the great ongoing Massachusetts weird and beautiful parade, Matt Robidoux, Miss Olivia Kennett, and Ted Lee together constitute CURSE PURSE. We know them already from endeavors like ZEBU, and SPEEDY ORTIZ, and BANJO ASSAULT, etc. And lately we’ve had the opportunity to know them together as the thing they call CURSE PURSE. A Beefheart-ian blunder. An early-’90s-somebody nosedive. Their music swims in an infested water, affected but not able to be stopped. So take that whining somewhere else goddammit.

Easing into clawing at your ears, Curse Purse released their s/t debut on the oracular western MA label/shop given the name of FEEDING TUBE RECORDS. “Message CP” flopped out of the gate right as we began fully drowning in the last Hassle Fest, so I missed it . . . until now. “Message CP” is one of the three tracks given on the record called CURSE PURSE. Joey Pizza Slice, Vermonter of SON OF SALAMI infamy, is your video maker, and he has cast the band, and a few dolls, and a number of filters in the video for the aforementioned track. A track that at 3.5 minutes really manages to scrape away at the inner core, it’s hypno guitar and vocal braid gouged regularly by dollops of scratch and patched immediately by soothing synth (that does not not know bitterness). A soundtrack for techno-hobos—for warming their hands around a glowing, cracked digital display featuring a large metal barrel with fire pouring out of it toward heaven.

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