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USA/Mexico – Laredo (Riot Season/ 12XU)
Oh I needed this. Been jamming this baby for a bit now. Almost completely blown out mega-blech noise rock from members of the demi-holy SHIT AND SHINE and the holy BUTTHOLE SURFERS (King Coffey). Sludge must be used to describe this belcher. I envision a slow moving steam roller, with a mutant (wearing sun ra shades) at the wheel driving straight for a long hair stationed in the middle of the road, oblivious to their surroundings, rocking deviant riff-age on out, double marshall full stack on blast, the inevitable death scene worked out in all onlookers’ minds well before the actual moment of death. And the scene is allowed to play out because everyone wants to hear how it sounds on tape (the whole thing is being recorded just off the side of the road by an old dead head who always has his recording equipment handy). Sincerely hope this isn’t a one off. Both labels involved are stellar.


Loud Night – s/t
Crusty punk metal crossover action out of the metal valhalla known as Richmond, VA. Besides being the best kind of MOTORHEAD worship (relentless, featuring crushing original riff after crushing original riff, did I mention relentless?) Massachusetts residents’ ears ought to perk up over the RAMMING SPEED connection here. 3/4 of that band is present in LOUD NIGHT and they’ve turned up the brutality a notch. “Armored Column” is the true beast of the bunch for my money. The guitar playing and drumming on this one in particular make me want to fight someone. And I don’t even like fighting. Dangerous stuff. Love that chorus. Get up to Boston guys.


Wendy Eisenberg – Time Machine (HEC Tapes)
What do you get when the best guitarist in Boston (years running) takes time out from her (just now defunct) killer glam post-punk band (BIRTHING HIPS) to record an intimate bedroom “pop” record? TIME MACHINE. Ten tracks of Brattleboro-esque meandering lofi songs that skitter between intimate reflection and observation while being propelled by the aforementioned stunning six string skills that take these sparse tales to another level.

Melancholy seeps through the proceedings found on this HEC tape. I am entranced by it all. The appearance of a synthesizer on “Oval” helps the song stand alone in the sea of otherwise voice and guitar. The guitar playing is particularly ephemeral here. “Brain Today” is lovely. “What am I fighting in my brain today?” A question that some of us ask ourselves everyday. Feel the fizzle, this one’s got its hooks in me. Watch out for Wendy. Whatever she does is going to be special, looking forward to whatever comes next.


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