It’s so easy to hear something inscrutable and reject it out of hand, and for much of my life I’ve done that, hypocritical really, since that same thing is routinely done by lots of folks who hear music I’ve always loved. People who’s opinion I trust admire experimental music though, so I’ve been training my brain to dig deeper into it. At shows, I usually see 2-3 performers, often at a table, working sound like taffy in the air, feeding each other shapes and warping, replicating, gluing on to construct a collaborative sculpture of sound in my mind. If you listen to more than a little you find that the pallette is broad. OTHER OCCASIONS NOT MINDED (available for DL on BC and sculpted by artists CRANK STURGEON & LINELAND) is a quirky mix of ramblings, instrumental bites and jostling; much of it microedited and looped into glitchy rhythms, I get a distinctly ‘remixed’ feel, it being a collection of samples gathered by Matt Anderson (CS) and mailed to Malcolm Felder (L). The rhythmic product does approach Dance at times, skirting IDM territory by way of a dubby childhood ambiance. The story of these artists begins in Boston where they met, then departed from while staying in touch. CRANK STURGEON swims in Maine nowadays continuing dadaesque performance art from there while LINELAND operates in Chicago as the musical outlet for Mutable Sound (possibly the Boston Hassle of Chicago???) co-founder Malcolm Felder.

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