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CosMc, a recently formed Boston two-piece, packs a punch with their demos released this past April. And yes, it’s a two-piece, though you wouldn’t guess that from the fairly substantial sound vocalist/guitarist, Travis Hagan, and drummer, Ashley Guerrero, create through driving instrumental parts and spacey vocals.

The four demos are started off by “And Go”—a song that sends you driving through a dessert (if that dessert was located somewhere in the grimy streets of Allston). It’s a perfect balance of psychedelic beach vibes and classic Boston garage rock. This dreamy combo continues in “Never Knew,” as well as “Who Me?” where Hagen exhibits his vocals as they reverberate through sharp guitar lines.

“Drool.” undergoes a complete metamorphosis during its duration. It starts off as a humble cacophony of sounds before cocooning into an edgy basement jam and then emerging briefly as a vibey psych masterpiece. It then returns to its natural state with a heavy guitar line that puts you on edge, but puts your mind at ease, because you can take comfort in knowing a talented band like CosMc exists and is making music in Boston.

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