Concilium – No Sanctuary


Although this is technically an EP, this release clocks in a solid 31 minutes(which you could consider a shorter recording from an epic doom metal band). Boston’s Concilium have been kicking around for a few years now, and with No Sanctuary, their most powerful and together incarnation as of yet is present. Four tracks of cavernous, trudging epic doom steeped in largely Swedish tradition, but what sets Concilium apart from much contemporary doom metal, is their sense of dynamics. It isn’t just an onslaught of riff after riff. These are SONGS, first and foremost, well thought and constructed. Melodic and brooding vocals done under much influence of Candlemass, as well as a good measure of the winding twin guitars. One of the more interesting moments here is “Ritual Attrition”, a short acoustic instrumental, full of dissonance and trepidation, bookended by some of the heavier material. Concilium have carved out their own place in American heavy metal, and certainly in international doom metal. Recommended!

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