Wanna know what it takes to do what you love and get paid?  Just ask professional ‘creatives’ Josh Falk and Dana Woulfe.  Learning how to make a living as an artist is no small feat.  This takes time, self-discipline, passion, courage and sometimes simply having an opportunity to seize.  This year marks a defining moment in their already impressive careers as they opened Studio Fresh, a creative service studio.

The right cards came into play this Spring, when Falk and Woulfe (along with long-time friend and collaborator Jay LaCouture of AntiDesigns) grabbed some tools and set to work on converting a 4,000 sq ft open space in South Boston into a custom workspace.  By July, they had a massive five-person studio equipped with a darkroom, wood-shop and even a “spray room” to control fumes.  Full-time artists and all-around cool people Nick Z and Jeannie Vincent set up shop in two of the studio spaces to complete the harmonious yet efficient vibe.

Their resources might be new but the Studio Fresh team have been killing it for over a decade, whether it’s large-scale murals, photography, painting, designing or multimedia projects.  As members of Project SF, a successful artist collective, they’ve done work for such clients as the ICA, Converse, Bodega, Vitamin Water, and CrossFit to name only a few.  Individually, their work has been shown in galleries, stores, publications and streets all over our city (and WELL beyond).  To pay the bills, Woulfe spent years as a designer for Converse while Falk was a fixture behind the bar over at Central Kitchen.  The difference now is that these projects are no longer an afterthought to making a living, it IS their living.

As evolving artists constantly seeking new ways to communicate visually, Studio Fresh gives the boys more room to play.  For Falk, that means spending some quality time in his new wood-shop where he can continue his exploration of dimensions in his multimedia work.


While Woulfe has been engaging in large-scale, abstract paintings he likes to call “space-scapes” and taking on some huge murals around town.


Boston is lucky to have people like this calling it home and making it more beautiful.


Be sure to search our Arts Calendar to know about projects they have around town!  Specifically, the opening of Dana Woulfe’s solo show Conflict and Resolve @Lot F Gallery on September 13th, 7-11PM. On view, September 13th-October 4th


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