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Colin L. Orchestra — Continuum


Colin Langenus has come a long way from the undefinable, psych-infused rock epics of USAISAMONSTER. His latest album, Continuum, is made up of two long and distinct tracks that are about as different from USAISAMONSTER as you can get, although the record’s heart is every bit as lustrous. It also features contributions from the Boston Hassle’s own Sam Potrykus!

The first track, “Eucalyptus Utopia,” weaves between what sounds like a cabaret emceed by some kind of soulful, psychedelic sex god and all kinds of weird, tripped-out juxtapositions, always coming back to where it started like some kind of postmodern novel. The second track, “I’m at War (When I Go Out the Door),” rollicks through 30-plus minutes of 1-4-5 chord progressions and wah’ed out guitar while Langenus’s grizzled voice shouts to the stinky hippie in all of us. It’s a cybernetic mishmash of sounds that brings together a hefty list of musicians in a richly textured orchestra of self-swallowing sonic horizons.

You just gotta hear it, which you can do—digitally—here.

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