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Check out the re-digitized version of the 2016 Hassle SPF420 compilation


Rescued (and re-digitized) from the dustbins of history.

What the hell is re-digitizing?

Literally: There was no digital record of this compilation in existence… until now. It was digital, originally, and then somehow the original files got lost, so we’ve re-digitized the lost ones and found the rest scattered across Bandcamp.

And so for that reason please excuse any hiss. It was pretty gnarly on the original tape. Tried to make it listenable.

If you’re one of the artists featured on this comp and you’ve got a file of one of these tracks on you, please email n maltecollins gmail com and I’ll be happy to replace the tracks here.

All proceeds from the purchase of this album will be donated to the Trans Emergency Fund of MA.

Recorded and re-digitized May 4, 2021

released August 20, 2016
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