Radio Control, a guitar/drums Somerville duo formed in 2010 by Matt(y) Studivan and Kristina Otero, are in their terrible twos: loud, impetuous, and prone to fits. All these qualities feature heavily on their side of a split with Rabbit Troupe, released just last month on Beta Snake Records. Radio Control rile against an old guard (of bands? politicians?) that are hanging on throughout “The Waiting Game,” clarifying with the ending refrain “we’re waiting for you to die,” before moving on to attack the empty hopes of and nostalgia for college life in “The Universe City”. The songs feature loud, distorted power chords and punchy, repetitive drums, recalling not only the band’s self-professed influences of Beat Happening and the Ramones, but also the riffage of classic Cocksparrer and vocal stylings of Ty Segall. Haledon, NJ’s Rabbit Troupe, for their part, kick off side B with chordage that brings to mind late-90s/early-00s emocore as much as punk. Think Small Brown Bike meets Texas is the Reason: vocals mixed low, heavy, but tuneful guitars with some humbucker-backed lead work, and vocal melodies that ellipse with nearly-screamed throaty breakup. Toss in some psych-style weirdness at the end and “Idiot Minutes” makes for a pretty interesting listen. Their second tune, “One Step Beyond at a Time,” moves in a different direction. Here, Rabbit Troupe bring in winding Mascis-sounding leads, falsetto harmonies, and reverb on the vocals, with a ride cymbal-heavy drum part that recalls the gentle, crunchy-guitar persistence of some I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One-era Yo La Tengo. The 7” version of this release comes on lovely olive green and black swirl vinyl with a download code and is limited to 300 copies, so grab yours today!

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