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Check out Australian improv noise gang Crab Smasher. They have put out several records since their inception in 2002, all reaching varying degrees of both rock and electronic heaviness. Their latest track “Card Shark”, found on the New Weird Australia Broadcast, is definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum but they are stll getting the psychedelic point across. Card Shark is filled with anticipation. There is a loose yet plotting rhythm throughout the song and you really feel like you’re in on whatever vibe they’re going for. Some might be taken by the hectic overtones and jangling metal, feeling the need to consider their own deep anxieties. But to others this spacey track is a comforting campfire jam that requires nothing from it’s listener but to tune in and bliss out. Either way you will be left with a strange sense of satisfaction no doubt. With entrancing autoharp and shimmering percussion Crab Smasher drones into your dome a la Sunburned Hand of the Man or other New England psych folk clans you might be familiar with. CHECK IT.

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