Carrie (2013) dir. Kimberly Pierce



Remakes are all the rage now, apparently. With Mulan coming out soon, it’s fun to go back and explore different versions of films. What makes each one good, in different ways? Which is better or worse? How does each director make their mark?

So, that brings us to 2013’s Carrie. Directed by Kimberly Pierce and starring Chloe Grace Moretz, it is based on the classic horror novel of the same name by Stephen King. High-schooler Carrie White is bullied both by classmates and tormented by her ultra-religious mother (Julianne Moore). When she develops telekinetic powers, it looks like things might start to turn around for her. However, the school prom is coming up, and her bullies are looking for fun. Carrie, however, is looking for revenge…

Brian De Palma’s 1976 version is extremely well-remembered. Let’s go check out how this version holds up. See you there!

dir. Kimberly Pierce
100 min.

Screens Friday, 2/28, 11:59pm @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
Part of the ongoing series: Women in Horror Month

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