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The length of the day begins to cave in on itself and those brisk, chilly mornings become more prevalent as the weeks pass. Gradually, we find that the music which piques our interest shifts from the sweaty garage, surf, and raucous electronic music of the summer to the more pensive, complicated pop that seems just right for a quiet autumn morning. That’s where Calvin Love comes in.

Sure, you might say that just Calvin Love is just another guy with a MacBook, a beat machine, and enough spare time to write and record his own album. But this guy can write one hell of a good melody, and that’s what really sets him apart. If I had to guess, I’d say Mr. Love has probably listened to his fair share of Bruce Springsteen or even (fellow Canadians) Arcade Fire, as many of these darkly catchy hooks are subtly Boss- or Win Butler-esque. Of course, he backs up his lo-fi vocals with sparse ’80s style beats, synths, and pads that are pure cheese, but it totally works. The end result is music that will make you, well, feel. Think War on Drugs for the more DIY-inclined.

Calvin Love released the LP New Radar in the fall of 2012, and while much of it is hard to find streaming over the interwebs, the tracks you can listen will make you want to pay money to hear the whole thing. “Destroyer” and “Magic Hearts” are my picks– they’re both great showcases of his unique talent for songwriting and arrangement. If you want a physical copy, head over to Autumn Tone Records and grab one while you can.

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