2014 Year Enders



2014 was pretty cray for us here at BUFU Records. There was a lot of shredding. There were a lot of new releases. Ben Katzman was in the hospital for the first week. Chris Collins discovered KISS and Van Halen. We held BUFU Fest 1. It was tight. It was right. And as we gear up for BUFU Fest Miami January 2nd, we believe it’s time to recap the 2014 and all of it’s might.

1. MEGASTUF OREOS – These looked so ssik. We went and tried ’em but they weren’t that good. So the number one spot really goes to Double Stuf which is still number one in our hearts. You rok Double Stuf. Always ‘n 4evr.

2. TURTLE POND JP 2014 – The amount of chill time we put in at turtle pond this summer was off tha chayne. Not that turtlepond didn’t rok in 2013 or even 2012 but this year it rok’d especially hard. Lot’s of dives, like Van Halen’s Diver Down. Ssik.

3. OPERATION CROPTOP 2014 – Whether it was the Free Pizza/Dylan Ewen New England BBY tour, or The BUFU Bad Boiz Free Pizza/Designer Sxsw shredspedition, we were cropping tops left and right. We cropped through the winter, spring, summer, fall, and winter. It was so tight, it was right. Shoutout to Dylan Ewen for bringing croptops into the BUFU fold in 2013.

4. BOBA TEA / BOBA SHRED – Woah, lots of healing to the soul with this one. I can’t picture a summer 2014 without crop tops, oreos, Van Halen, and some sik boba tea. We had all sorts of flavors such as peach mango, green apple, honeydew, and even the ill milk teas. Yes we had vegan ones with soy milk. So tight, so right. Have you tried the Hot Boba tea? How does the tapioca hold up?

5. CHRIS COLLINS BIRTHDAY CAKE – Chris Collins birthday this year was next level. Thanks to Anna Leocha we were able to have an Oreo icecream cake. It was so good. Who would have thought you could fuse 3 of the illest things and make them even iller. Shoutout to Anna Leocha, u rok.

6. DROPPING OUT OF BERKLEE – Shoutout to that time I dropped out of Berklee for two minutes. Class was pretty tight once I re-enrolled.

7. BRATTLEBORO, VT – We got so much ill chill time here. So much ill spiritual shred. Whether it be winter or summer, Brattlebreezy has the ill future collective, that totally righteous co-op, and those totally sik swimming holes. Shoutout to The Lentils, Peter’s Window, Chris Weisman, ‘n Ruth Garbus 4 being kool. Brattleboro, you totally rool.

8. PETE & PETE HALLOWEEN SHRED – Endless Mike might have declared war on the Wrigley family 20 years ago. But no gang of pumpkin heads could stop our halloweenie shred. That’s right, if you thought the love between Pete and Artie was next level then you don’t know about the love between Ben Katzman and Chris Collins. Take that everybody who wasn’t us on Halloween. #Halloweenie4lyf

9. DELETING FACEBOOK – what a sik five minutes.

10. THE CRUE – Shoutot to all the ill homies in the fold who have made life that much better. Y’all know who you are. To everyone we’ve shared a a special moment with, to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of splitting an oreo with, to everyone we have chilled hard with. You know who you are. Who roks? U rok.


FELIPES TAQUERIA – You really bummed us out when you shacked up with Flat Pattie’s, and you really bummed us out when Flat Patti’es took away all your wicked sikk sauce options. It’s ok we love u anyways and r stoked 2 see you back in the game in 2015. #nogames

KISS – shout out to KISS for their 40th anniversary of being the illest rok band and staying together despite all their problems and lineup changes. We know dealing with Gene Simmons is really hard because he’s a total Virgo. But we 4give u. Did u know Gene Simmons discovered Van Halen? Also did you know that there are 3 1/2 Earth signs in KISS?

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