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Boston Hassle’s Top 13 Flyer Artists of 2016


The Hassle saw some incredible flyer art this year. As artist coordinator I am consistently surprised at the crazy talent floating around in this city. We are doing a celebration art show of all the flyer artists on January 14th (combined with a Feminist Fiber Arts crafts fair) if you wanna meet these fools! https://www.facebook.com/events/1389824011048656/

Flyers are our sole visual representation of our shows. They make the routine soul-sucking Facebook event page worth looking at. We print em out and plaster them all over the place and we are proud to do so. We love ALL the flyer artists who donated their time and helped us all year long, everyone was amazing. But these 13 were the ones who stood out and were a real pleasure to work with. I put them in alphabetical order because it was impossible to rank these creative souls above or below each other. This is the top tier nuff said.

Hassle Flyers 2016

THE TOP 13 (in alphabetical order):

Courtney White: Playful, professional, punctual. Courtney rules. http://courtneymakesstuff.com @courtneywhite

Dan Shea: Always good for a quickie, Dan Shea’s comics are sometimes on the backs of envelopes and shit and sometimes look like an 8 year old could have done them but are simultaneously so deep it is some real Basquiat type creation

Darren Shekailo: omg Darren. Self taught, badass comic artist from Long Island [email protected]

EAB (Eric Baldelli): Eab is the shit! Moved here from Western MA! Check out his wood burnings @thegeablin eeeaab.tumblr.com

Jack Turnbull: Just, wow. www.jackturnbull.com @jackturnbullstudios

James Wells: James!! Always positive, always psyched even when we fuck up and his flyer doesn’t get used. He also did our program art for HF8. James is da bomb. www.nightmale.net @snailbiff

Jason Lieder aka Dirt Lux: One of my fave artists in the city, unique style all his own, look for his street art around town. Was also a contributing artist at Trash Land at HF8. www.dirtlux.com @dirtlux

Jen McMahon: Jen is clearly Da Boss who specializes in flyers with tons of info on them (not an easy task). Jen we love you! @bigeyesquarehead bigeyessquarehead.tumblr.com

Julia Emiliani: Julia I don’t even know how you do what you do. If you want to buy cool stickers and tshirts find Julia http://www.juliaemiliani.com/ @juliaemiliani

Sage Schmett: Sage totally saved our ass with a last minute flyer that turned out to be so epic! www.sageschmett.com @sageschmett

Sylvia Kim: Sylvia always delivers!! http://www.sylvia-kim.com/ @cilviakim

Vanessa Verdine: Another incredible artist with quick turnaround! Classy af @chronomome http://vanessaverdine.wixsite.com/chronomome

Zoard Tykelar: Zoard pretty much invented the Hassle aesthetic. Tippy top dog @tyeklarzoard www.zwty.net

Much respect and appreciation to all these wonderful creators and the many more not listed!! We love all you guys!
Feel like makin some stuff? Reach out! Show yourself! Email me your work at [email protected]

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