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Our latest post is about the 2010 vinyl compilation from JP’s fabled show house/record label/DIY community known as WHITEHAUS. This was the first of two vinyl compilations the WFR has released since first getting together in 2007 and we are proud to share it with the FMA community.

Below is an excerpt from the post, read the whole thing RIGHT HERE!

If you don’t know about the Whitehaus, it was first known as a place that opened up it’s doors every friday to community hootenannies and general chilling (see their Wikipedia entry for mostly correct information). Anyone could come and perform at a hootenanny (or HOOT) that was held every friday from 11-4am and all styles, aesthetics and sounds were welcome with open arms. This is where poets, artists and musicians in JP could hone their craft, share with each other or just have a good time. As the collective grew it began releasing Hoot compilation tapes and other records/projects of Whitehaus family and extended family members. The Haus began to host more touring and out of town bands, tying itself in with a worldwide network of underground artists and becoming synonymous with Boston DIY culture. Hosting touring bands nearly every night, releasing dozens of CD-R, tape and 7″ recordings and beginning to book tours themselves, the Whitehaus collective was more inspired than ever in 2010.

This double vinyl compilation features the wide breadth of music, art and poetry happening in and around the Whitehaus at the time. It dates back to its earliest members and tunes and reaches right up to the fresh blood that came into the fold in the months leading up to the compilation’s release. Some notable contributions to this compilation include outstanding folk vibes of Gracious Calamity and Pancho The Kid, VT cosmic-pop troupe The Great Valley (Feeding Tube Records/NNA Tapes), Anna Fox Rochinski of Quilt (Mexican Summer), former JP residents and “now age” high preistesses Prince Rama (Paw Tracks), tape chime noise pioneers Peace, Loving, psychedelic trance-party pushers Many Mansions and Truman Peyote, dedicated followers of pop fun The Needy Visions and The Cups and stomping folk-soul diva Shira E to name a few…



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