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Boston Hassle @ CMJ Review


Wow, approximately one week later and I’m still digesting. I was not prepared for all that CMJ is. Showcase on top of showcase on top of showcase, all around NY.

So here I am again, ready to report on some of my favorite showcases and bands:

Junk Boys: “bluesy punk rock n’ roll boy gang featuring band dudes from Organs, The Yin Yangs, Highway Gimps, The Men, Dream Police, MPHO, Bad Company, The Doobie Brothers”. The most solid band I had seen all night. They were everything I wanted in that moment and you can catch them opening for Wand in November.

Junk Boys by Junk Boys

Parlor Walls, with some members from EULA (shout out to anyone who was at our first and final Green City Growers show RIP), was another great band I caught that night. Experimental, kind of reminded me of Guerrilla Toss at some points.

Parlor Walls EP by Parlor Walls

Milk Dick! Talked about them in my preview, and they did not disappoint. They’re just fun, lo-fi, garage dance punk rock. (That’s a thing.)

Romantic Superstore by Milk Dick

This Wednesday night NME showcase featured some of my favorite acts of the week. Downtown Boys, Shopping, and Perfect Pussy. Shopping is from the UK, and remind me so much of some of my favorites, like The Slits or Gang of Four. If you can watch them and not dance along, you must have a heart of stone. Perfect Pussy and Downtown Boys. Classic. Their music isn’t just good to listen to, but it makes you think. About issues that you may have thought about, issues that you might not have. I think that’s a really special thing.

If you read the Boston Hassle, you’ve probably heard about Downtown Boys. They’ll be playing Hasslefest 7. Get tix here.

Say Yes To Love by PERFECT PUSSY

Full Communism by Downtown Boys

Other Body is on Wharf Cat/Ramp Local. I really love it when I check out a band without knowledge of what I’m getting myself into. Even better when they turn out to be great! Reminded me of Deafheaven meets Protomartyr meets Never Young. Thought their live show was even better then their recordings.

Demo by Other Body

Porches is another band that surprised me! I don’t know what I was listening to but I was always under the impression that I wasn’t too crazy about it. Kind of like when you’re young and you never try broccoli but you won’t eat it anyway. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up catching them twice! A week later and I’m still singing along to Headsgiving.

Slow Dance in the Cosmos by PORCHES.

OK, I could probably go on and on but I’m just gonna cap it there. Til next year!

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