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Boston Center for the Arts Fundraiser


The advocacy afforded to arts programs within our communities and school systems has been faltering for as many of my conscious 20 years that I can remember. Despite being lucky enough to go to school in a community that managed to uplift its music and arts programs, year after year it seemed that these programs were slowly but surely being pushed out of the curriculum. 

Organizations like the Boston Center for the Arts are imperative to the conservation and further cultivation of current culture established in our communities. The value of the arts, creativity and self-expression cannot be overstated. The BCA is a great resource we have right here in the greater Boston area that helps provide a space and component exposure for the creators within our community. 

I implore you to come join us today, August 23, for an evening of live music performances and the chance to win artwork from various artists across the Boston area. Come help celebrate our local performers, artists, and The Boston Center for the Arts. Located Upstairs at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, doors at 6:00pm. 

$15 donation at the door

Reserve your spot via the link below:


See raffle details in my next post!


Raffle Information and Entry Rules


I am bringing the BCA artwork raffle to Facebook! 


I will be posting the artworks that have generously been donated by local artists to offer the raffle on this platform as well. 


Each artist will have their own post for all their donated works, please be mindful of the different collection ID #’s


*You do not need to attend the event to participate in the raffle*

**Worldwide FREE shipping for winners**


All proceeds go to our beneficiary, The Boston Center for the Arts


Each collection (either single works or grouped pieces) will have a collection identification number.


To enter:

Venmo me (@emilypitcairn ) with the description “BCAF (insert collection ID)


Be sure to identify which collection(s) you are entering to win!

*You may have multiple entries for one collection*


If one entry, venmo description ex: “BCAF CT1”

If two entries, venmo description ex: “BCAF CT1, CT2”


If multiple entries for the same piece, venmo description ex: “BCAF MF1, MF1, HH3”


Winners will be announced online by 8/30

**Free Shipping/Delivery Included**


$5 = 1 Entry

$8 = 2 Entries

$15 = 4 Entries

$20 = 5 Entries


Please message me with any inquiries


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