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Come to The Hassle’s Black Market Flea this Sunday from 12-6 & sample the very best of what our finely-curated local vendors have to offer!  In the days leading up to the event, we’re going to be featuring some of our favorite vendors on the site to talk about what they’re selling, where they got their inspiration, and how they make their stuff.

Meet Erica from The Bone Lady:

Where do you source your materials from?

I get my bones from Etsy and my other materials from Michaels. My bone dealer collects dead animals in the woods and from the side of the road and does the cleaning so that they’re nice and pretty when I get them.


Do you have a favorite animal to work with? Or a favorite body part, perhaps?

I work with mink and raccoon skulls most of the time. I like working with skulls because they have such great natural shapes. Every skull is unique


just a handful of rodent bones, nbd

Are you going to be having a very spooky christmas this year?

Let’s just say I’m expecting a lot of dead things in my stocking


Do you ever name your creations, or do they take on personalities as you create them?

Each of my creations takes on a slightly different personality. I try to make each one unique, and try to work with the flaws in the skulls (broken eye sockets, holes, fractired) to add special character to each one


Are you giving any of your collection as gifts this year? If so, which ones?

I have a limited line of skull Christmas ornaments that I’ll definitely be giving to a few people this year. Adding a bit of spookiness to my friends’ houses is my ongoing mission!


a festive lil guy

Catch Erica and so many others on Sunday at the Cambridge Community Center!

Black Market Flea December 2018

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