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BMF VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: MudHedz Handmade Ceramic Pipes


Come to The Hassle’s Black Market Flea this Sunday from 12-6 & sample the very best of what our finely-curated local vendors have to offer!  In the days leading up to the event, we’re going to be featuring some of our favorite vendors on the site to talk about what they’re selling, where they got their inspiration, and how they make their stuff.

Meet Ruth from MudHedz:

How has business been since MA legalized weed in 2016?

The my Etsy shop and flea market business has been steadily growing since I began it in August of 2016. It is hard to tell if legalization has increased that end of things. However, I don’t think that it has made much of a difference to date. What has increased are requests for wholesale accounts; in Massachusetts and other legal states, especially California. I plan to work on growing that side of my business in the 2019. What has changed is attitudes. Since legalization, when I’ve told some folks about my business, I tend to get more positive,responses, like a wink and a pat on the back, versus raised eyebrows and silence.

Where did you get the inspiration for your “gassy bather” pipe?

The Gassy Bather pipe was created for the first flea market I did. It was in August of 2016, in Provincetown, during Carnival week. Prior to my making pipes, I had been sculpting  a lot of waves. When I began making pipes, I wanted to include doll parts into a sculpt and came up with the Sherlock style, piece “Wave Rider”, which was made up of doll parts, fitted into a sculpted wave; which ended up looking like a gleeful body surfing baby. The” Gassy Bather” idea grew out of that first pipe.
I had a crawling baby doll figure that I wanted to incorporate into a functional pipe. Since I was on a swimming baby kick, using a sculpted wave, made sense. The farting rainbow idea came along when I booked the Carnival week flea in PTown; which was around the same. It was kind of a serendipitous thing.


behold, the michelangelo’s david of pipes

Which of the pipes do you use ~personally~?

To date, my favorite pipe is the oyster. Although I am not a frequent smoker, when I partake, I love the oyster pipe. It has three different glaze finishes, is very tactile, fits comfortably in my hand, positions like your are slurping an oyster and has a smooth, cool smoke.


puttin’ on the ritz

What is the process for creating your pipes? do you cast or sculpt? What type of clay do you use?

My pipes are made from earthenware clay. They are formed in plaster molds that I cast from real objects, hand sculpts or a combination of the two. After casting, each piece is hand cleaned, smoothed and the bowl is shaped. They are then fired, painted and glazed and then re-fired.

Which pipe do you think makes the best gift for, let’s say, a young, hip bostonian tastemaker who loves goin to flea markets?

I try to create pipes for all different interests, so it’s pretty easy to find one that will make a thoughtful, personal gift.  I also have some holiday themed pipes. A Christmas Pickle pipe, a Lump of Coal pipe, new tile topped tins and grinders, blunt stone pendants and holiday ornaments.


just hear those sleigh bells pickling…


Come kick it with Ruth and tons more vendors this Sunday at the Cambridge Community Center!

Black Market Flea December 2018

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