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I’m down the south shore right now, where I’m from. Typically I don’t think a writer’s location should have any impact on the music being reviewed but in this case I think it’s actually helpful… So picture me on this covered porch, looking out onto the water (a cove of a bay of the Atlantic to be precise), sound of waves, birds and bugs doing their thing in the distance. Now forget your jealousy, close your eyes and try to put yourself here. Not working? Click on that little bandcamp embed down there and cue up Blau Blau’s new demo, fresh this week! Now we’re getting somewhere….

Blau Blau features a crew of usual suspects from around these parts: The two strummers of Mini Dresses and local force of positive attitude and drumming Travis Hagan. The three are doing what they do best here, putting me in my happy place with fresh, yet familiar feels… back to the ocean scene… This demo has key beach-y elements I just can’t (nor want to) shake. Among them the day-off mid-tempo bounce, take-a-dip plunky bass, fresh-out-the-water wet guitar sound and the dreamy, nearly-whispering vocals of Lira Mondal. It’s like a breezy summer day streaming off bandcamp. Pretty impressive… but also feels like it is these folks’ destiny to create such a vibe. Put it on a tape, throw it in a boombox and take it to the beach where it belongs.

And when you get back come to Great Scott TONIGHT to see this brand new crew debut their packed cooler jams alongside THE CRATERS, Canada’s Freak Heat Waves and Alex Calder who was apparently too cool for Mac Demarco’s band so he’s doing his own thing.

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