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BIG 3 MUSIC: Hassle Fest 9


November 10-11 Hassle Fest 9 featuring Pere Ubu (OH), Dan Deacon (MD), Xiu Xiu (CA), PILL (NY), Sunburned Hand of the Man, Trinary System, Obnox (OH), Erica Eso (NYC), Buck Gooter (VA), Creative Healing, Pink Navel, Sidney Gish, Ed Balloon and many more! + record fair and vinyl giveaway from Kill Rock Stars, Infinity Cat, Polyvinyl, Feeding Tube, Wharf Cat @ONCE All Ages $25


Ahh, November. Time for turkey, family, cozy fireplaces, and the maniacal carnival known as Hassle Fest—now in its 9th year of stepping outside the box (as we do) and bringing you another cranium expanding concoction of musical mayhem, a Pollock-esque splattering of sounds and sights which spans genres and time.

Night one brings Dan Deacon back to Boston to give us all a little deja vu of his Hassle shows long past.  His interactive, audience-inclusive bursts of electro-pop confusion take us all through a candy shop wood chipper and spew us out as amorphous rainbow swirls.  He’ll be joined by CA erratic rockers Xiu Xiu, the always intriguing episodes of Ed Balloon, the sweet and salty serenades of Sidney Gish, and so many more.  Night two summons legendary progenitors of art rock, slop pop, junk punk, you name it—the genreless Pere Ubu.  They’ll be layin it down alongside fellow Ohio rock deconstructionist Obnox, local sound collective Creative Healing, Allston fuzz punks Nice Guys, the sometimes savage, often onerous PILL, and an all-around smorgasbord of additional talent. Both soundscapes go down at Once Ballroom in Somerville.  Early birds to the event (first 20 attendees) have their choice of a free drink OR record from some equally legendary labels Come see and hear what you know and love, and maybe you’ll discover something new along the way.


—Mike Achille



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